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Minggu, 08 November 2009



  • with count nouns

1. an + other +singular noun (one more)

another pencil => one more pencil

2. the + other + singular noun (last of the set)

the other pencil => the last pencil present

3. the other + plural noun (the rest of the set)

the other pencils => all remaining pencils

  • with non-count nouns

1. other + noun count nouns (more of the set)

other water => some more water

2. the other water => the remaining water


1. This pen isn’t working. Please give me another (singular).

2. If you’re still thirsty. I’ll make the other pet of coffee.

3. This dictionary has a page missing. Please give me the other one (the last one).

4. He doesn’t need those books. He needs the other ones call the remaining.

5. There are thirty people in the room. Twenty are form Latin America and the other are form other countries.

6. Six people were in the store. Two were buying meat the other was looking at magazines.

7. This glass of milk is sour. Another glass of milk is sour too.

8. The army was practicing its drill. One group was doing artillery practise other was marching; another was at attention; and the other was practicing combat tactics.

9. There are seven students from Japan other are form iran and the other are from other places.

10. We looked at four cars today. The first two were far too expensive, but the other ones was reasonably priced.

Notes : Another and other are non specific while the other is specific if the subsect is understood, one can omit the noun and keep the determiner and other so that other functions as a pronoun. If it is a plural count noun that is omitted, other becomes others. The word other can never be plural if it is followed by a noun.

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